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My Story

So, why should you invest in coaching with me? 


As well as passion for helping others, I also bring my own personal experience of finding balance and fulfilment as a woman and mother.


After completing my BSc Hons degree at Durham University I went to work for Unilever for 5 years. There were many aspects of my job that I enjoyed but I knew that I wasn’t completely fulfilled so I took a career break to travel the world and on my return made the decision to train as a teacher.


Again, there were many aspects of teaching that I loved, in particular, helping and supporting others: seeing a child, parent or colleague working through a problem or starting to believe in themselves was hugely rewarding and something I knew I had a talent for.  However, the stresses and strains of the job started to take their toll, especially after I started a family. I felt that balancing life as a working mother (or not balancing it, as the case may be) had left me stretched thin, so thin that parts of me had become invisible.


I knew that I had to make a change and after a few failed attempts I decided to leave teaching for good. Finding the courage to do this came from a number of sources. Initially, I took the time to explore things that filled me up and challenged me rather than draining me: I began an adult street dance class and performed in shows; I took up running and worked my way up to completing 3 half marathons. The more I challenged myself, the more I realised I could apply this fearlessness to other areas of my life and after experiencing life coaching myself I knew that I was ready to begin a new chapter of my life.


I still work as a tutor, because I will never lose my love of working with children, but I have also trained with the Co-Active Training Institute, am a Positive Intelligence Coach and have completed my Foundation Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills and Theory.


During my time as a coach, I have come to realise that:


  • fear is often stopping women from feeling fully empowered and in control of their lives.


  • finding your own way to be fulfilled and living life in line with your core values doesn’t just benefit you but has a ripple effect to others in your life and beyond.


It is a powerful realisation that, by investing in ourselves, which can at first seem selfish, we are actually helping the people we love.

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