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My Story

So, why should you invest in coaching with me? 

I spent 15 years working in Education. There were many aspects of teaching that I loved, in particular, helping and supporting others: seeing a child, parent or colleague working through a problem or starting to believe in themselves was hugely rewarding and something I knew I had a talent for.  However, the stresses and strains of the job started to take their toll, especially after I started a family. I felt that balancing life as a working mother (or not balancing it, as the case may be) had left me stretched thin, so thin that parts of me had become invisible.

I knew that I had to make a change and after a few failed attempts I decided to leave teaching for good. Finding the courage to do this came from a number of sources. The more I challenged myself, the more I realised I could apply this fearlessness to other areas of my life. I was slowly becoming calmer and more confident and, after experiencing life coaching myself, I gained the clarity to know that I wanted to become a coach too.

I still work as a tutor, because I will never lose my love of working with children, but I have also trained with the Co-Active Training Institute, am a Positive Intelligence Coach and have completed my Foundation Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills and Theory.

My passion is still supporting children but now I do this by working with the adults that care for them (both parents and educators). I know first hand from my own experiences as a teacher and as a parent how vital it is for us to work on our own resilience and wellbeing if we want to be able to support our children.

I love helping parents and educators who:


  • Feel like they’re never GOOD ENOUGH.

  • Constantly DOUBT themselves

  • Feel STUCK because they never have the time or energy to do anything about it


Do you want to:

  • Feel CALMER and better able to cope with daily challenges?

  • Gain CLARITY about what really matters and get unstuck?   

  • Build CONFIDENCE and reduce self-doubt?

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