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Life and Mental Resilience Coach for Parents and Educators

I help parents and educators who:


Feel like they’re never GOOD ENOUGH

Constantly DOUBT themselves

Feel STUCK because they never have the time or energy to do anything about it


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Feel Calmer

and better able to cope with daily challenges

Gain Clarity

about what really matters and get unstuck

Build Confidence

and reduce self-doubt

You're trying your best but....

  • You constantly feel like you’re failing.


  • You can’t silence your inner critic.


  • You want to put your mental load down for a while because you’re exhausted.


  • You feel stuck in a negative cycle.


  • You feel like if you don’t do something your relationships at work and home will suffer?

"I know that you want to do the best you can for the children in your care but you also want to feel like you have the time and energy for yourself and you want to feel excited and hopeful about life again."

Reduce self-doubt and grow more confident 

Learn how to quieten your inner critic and accept that you don’t have to be perfect. 

Get clarity about what you really want from life and no longer feel like you’re stuck 

Reconnect with your true values (that often get hidden when you spend so much time focusing on other people).

Feel Calmer

You’ll be able to cope better with the inevitable challenges that life throws at you and feel happier.

The good news is that coaching will give you the space you need to do these things:

Winter Sunlight

Most importantly, investing in yourself will automatically have a positive impact on the important relationships in your life

It’s time to take back control.

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Hi, I'm Karen Potter

Life and Mental Fitness Coach for Educators and Parents.

I help Educators and Parents move from exhaustion, overwhelm and self doubt to calm, confidence and clarity.


After many years of feeling lost and overwhelmed myself, juggling a teaching career alongside being a parent, I made the decision to take back control and retrained as a Life Coach so that I could use my passion to help other teachers and parents who are also struggling. 

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"The work I have done with Karen has been absolutely incredible. It has enabled me to understand the negative ‘voices’ in my head and has allowed me to reconnect with what’s really important to me. Before working with Karen, I was always bogged down with jobs to do. I was alway thinking - you’ve got to do this; you’ve got to do that; you must; you have to … but now I have fun whilst doing my jobs. It has allowed me to let go of the many external pressures and expectations I have as a mother to really focus on what I desire for myself and my family. The ripple effect beyond me to my family and friends has been phenomenal."

Jessica, Mother

Names have been changed to protect the clients’ confidentiality

So, how can you work with me?


Step 1

Grab a coffee and book in a free discovery call to start your journey

Thinking of Ideas

Step 2

Decide which coaching option you would like and book in for:

  • 1:1 coaching (usually 6 sessions over 3 months)

  • Walk and Talk coaching (usually 6 sessions over 3 months)

  • 6 Weeks of Positive Intelligence Coaching 


Step 3

Step back into your life with more clarity about what you want - feeling calmer, more confident and ready to take back control!


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What is Coaching?

Coaching offers a safe, non-judgemental space in which you can focus on your goals and your mindset.  As a coach I don’t offer advice but I listen carefully, ask powerful questions, challenge you to think differently and help to shine a light on what is already there, perhaps in your subconscious or hidden behind negative, saboteur voices.

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How is coaching different to counselling?

Although coaching can resemble talk therapy, coaches are not necessarily certified counsellors/therapists and it differs from counselling in the following ways:

  • Counselling typically focuses on the past and present whereas coaching typically focuses on the present and future

  • Counselling focuses on the reasons for problems whereas coaching focuses more on the solutions

  • Counselling tends to be reactive whereas coaching is proactive

  • Counselling tends to support recovery from trauma whereas coaching focuses on growth


How will I feel at the end of a coaching session?

  • Listened to

  • Clearer about your next steps (whether that be professional or personal)

  • Less fearful about change 

  • Lighter and more hopeful

  • Have a challenge or inquiry to work on before the next session - this may be something as simple as spotting when negative saboteur voices show up in your daily life or may be be something a little out of your comfort zone, like initiating a ‘tricky’ conversation with a loved one or work colleague, updating your CV or starting an exercise class.

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